01. Many large companies go to the university at graduation time in an effort to [recruit] the best of the new graduates.
02. In armies all over the world, it seems that new [recruits] are generally treated badly by those who have been in the military for a while.
03. The military is trying to [recruit] more visible minorities into the forces.
04. Part of a financial consultant's job is to [recruit] people interested in pursuing a financial career.
05. The sergeant shouted at the new [recruits] to form a single line.
06. If power and decision-making must always rest with elite groups, there should at least be open [recruitment] from all classes into the elites.
07. I'm going to see if I can [recruit] some friends to help us move all our stuff over to our new apartment.
08. Anita Bryant once suggested, "As a mother, I know that homosexuals cannot biologically reproduce children; therefore, they must [recruit] our children."
09. To pass U.S. Army basic training, young female [recruits] must do 17 push-ups in two minutes, whereas males must do 40.
10. Police say some prostitutes are friendly towards lonely young girls in order to [recruit] them into the sex trade.
11. In the past, soldiers in Honduras often abducted teenagers from the street to be military [recruits].
12. During the Viking period in Denmark, warriors were [recruited] from among the farmers.
13. Because of its small population, the tiny country of Brunei has had to [recruit] both skilled and unskilled labor from abroad.
14. In 1978, Canada expelled 13 Soviet diplomats who it said had tried to [recruit] an R.C.M.P. officer as a spy for the U.S.S.R.
15. Relief organizations are working to ban the [recruitment] and use of children as soldiers in many countries.
16. In some developing countries, children are abducted from their homes and [recruited] into the army.

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